I am a photographer from Denver, Colorado.


 v.  to bask in the sun

In order to appear less unprincipled to those that may observe I have stopped resting my feet on the sofa between the hours of 10 a.m and 6 p.m.  I now iron my shirts and look people in the eye.  Before completing a rudimentary task like filling a cup with coffee I am considerate of the forces at work and always take into account the relative nature of my travels in terms of time and duration from pot to mug just like any photographer.  I am reformed.  I look sharp and have my eye on the future.  I floss my teeth every time I brush and also in between every meal.  I tie my shoes with the same regularity every morning, and I no longer jump into my trousers.  I must adhere to these formalities if my work is to be taken seriously.